I could write about four thousand words on what happened today–I could not shut up on twitter, sorry followers–but I really found today quite mystifying, and figure what everyone needs is a lot of points of view, so I’m gonna get the hell out of the way and let the pros talk, with little further comment. If you want to know (some of) what I’m thinking, hit my update stream.

Without further ado, your recaps:

I think Bill Luby has something valuable to say too. And fer cryin’ out loud, go buy yourself a Rolling Stone and a cup of coffee and sit down all old-school style and read Matt Taibbi’s article on Goldman Sachs. Exponentially more mind-blowing stuff than today’s action.

I will add one final comment: the market going haywire is a signal, not unlike “all up” and VIX settling. The steep slope of today’s green candles would look a lot less desperate–dare I say, fearful–at a bottom than it would at a top. Institutions have a lot on the line here, and are closing out a quarter (indeed, a half) of a(nother) tough year. I fear their considerable and clumsy buying power.

RIP FF & MJ. Be careful out there.