Few words tonight. I would call your attention to the fact that everyone is talking treasury yield danger, a story barely in existence last week. (Into which I read, old bad news is no longer bad, but new bad news?) And that we have now put in three lower highs, without breaking that 875ish level on the $SPY. It will loom larger and larger.

Without further ado:

  • Market Talk (summary, no charts)
  • Jack McHugh (summary with links)
  • Cobra’s Market View (chart analysis, liking this cat’s style)
  • The Chart Pattern Trader (video chart analysis, ~30 mins but gets a little macro tonight – skip ahead to ~10:30 if you just want charts. Really is for today, even though it says 5-19 on the video caption.)

That’s it as of the wee wee hours. I remain mouthy intraday on twitter if you care to mouth along.

Be careful out there.