Lots of talks about the dailies in tonight’s recaps, but the hard program selling in the first half of the session was the story today for me, and looked a lot more determined than a 1 (or 2, counting the gap) percent drop in the S&P (and a new lower low) might indicate, before the bulls bought up another dip and got smacked into the close.

Tomorrow should be very interesting indeed. Without further ado:

  • Tickerville (video chart analysis, ~18 mins plus 1 min gratuitous U2 finale)
  • Chart Pattern Trader (video chart analysis, ~11 mins highly technical, makes the case for a make-or-break manana)
  • Market Talk (summary, no charts)
  • Jack McHugh (summary, no charts – and I’d follow that Hussman link if I were you)

Be careful out there.