My need for analysis is pretty low right now, as I pull back bigtime from my big mistakes and seek a return to mostly (alas, less) cash until I get my head screwed back on straight and feel ready to execute as I was back before this whole rally got going.

My source list is going to change in this time, too. I relied on Brian Shannon for several months, but he’s now gone premium, so I’m looking for new grist. Kirk took me to Dave Landry, who has a nice long & easygoing style if you’ve got an hour or so to watch and you’re more interested in swing/position trading like Mr. U. Lots of good teaching, esp. for beginning traders, in this week’s analysis. (If you just want his analysis of index, sector, and a few individual names, it starts about 40 minutes in.)

Elsewhere, Tickerville has (mercifully for all parties concerned) sped up his video feed, and has a typically fine 22-minute cross-sector look up as well. The very impressive Phil has just weighed in with a thorough recap, too. Nothing so far from Trader Mike, still my current fave for brevity, clarity, and just plain common sense (a Mr. U weakness).

What do you watch or read, fictitious reader, for free analsysis? Feel free to fictitiously comment here.

UPDATE: How could I forget good ol’ Random Roger, with his fabulous (and much more conceptual and investor-focused) weekly big picture? About 8.5 minutes, no charts.