My current faves all check in today with analysis.

Trader Mike (with a nice reminder to let earnings and option expiry drive, rather than technicals, for the next little while here) [quick read]

Alphatrends “we are breaking important levels… This might be the bull trap.” [~9 mins]

Tickerville “not a lot going on” [~13 mins, and I beg to differ]

Interesting that they use different charts (alphatrends and tickerville use index ETFs, TM uses the indices themselves) and don’t draw the same trendline, or at least see the same relationship to it.

I was all over twitter today about the first presence of sellers–I felt them immediately in the morning, saw the peak happen in real time at 11, and didn’t buy the reversal either–in (at least what feels like) a long time. I am a skeptic, but at this point you can’t tell skepticism and bearishness apart because this rally has not been careful about itself, and the bad news continues. A palpable selling presence is called a pullback, until it lasts long enough to suddenly mean something else. Today looked and felt like orderly program selling to me, but this is day one, so we’ll see.